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Formerly Located At:
1043 NW Bond St
Bend, OR 97701

Now on Bend's west side.
Check us out

New York City Sub Shop - Former Downtown Bend Shop









Twice a year Bruce and Andrew have a business planning meeting in Bend. One evening, after one of their business meetings, Andrew and Bruce were walking around downtown Bend and spotted a "For Rent" sign. Impulsively a $1,000.00 check was placed under the door with a note to the landlord regarding their serious interest in the location. After driving Bruce to the airport in Portland, Andrew returned to Bend to sign a lease and hunt for a builder. Three months later shop # 3 was built.

Originally, this shop was 600 square feet in size, and was strictly a take out business. Even so, success was immediate in this rapidly growing outdoor town.

In 1998, this shop was moved to the other side of downtown Bend opposite Deschutes Brewery. This move was a sound one. The shop provided seating in a 1,200 square foot location.

Now, in 2013 this shop got another upgrade by moving to the westside of town. Come by for a visit.


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